Today She Learned…

That some riding lessons don’t go well and that you have to dig deep to hold things together. Sometimes your horse just isn’t feeling it and no matter what you do, they just aren’t listening. She learned that giving up is an option and that a horse can tell if your heart is sad because you’re frustrated and annoyed and cross.

‘Often, those times where you feel you’re failing the most are the times when you’re actually learning the most,’ Hubbie said to a teary F as she got into the car. ‘If it’s always easy then you’re not learning.’

Yes, she didn’t want to hear this and yes she just shrugged her shoulders at us but it was said and I know she listened.

We’re going to practise dropping our heels, using our voice to make our feelings known (F goes strangely quiet but is not a situational mute by any means) and getting determined and I, and all those at home, will model how it feels when we’re frustrated and show her how we work through those feelings.

Tomorrow is another day and next week is another lesson. F may feel more tuned in and her horse may actually be wanting to listen to her. Who knows. But she’s learning and that’s a wonderful thing.

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